Tank sampling valve


BOM Industrial Valves has been designing and manufacturing high performance machine-welded industrial valves for more than thirty years.
Among its sampling valves achievements on all type of fluid, a specific tank sampling system has been developed.
The mobile sampling system allows to check the product’s quality before connecting the tank to your plant facilities.
The tailor-made manufacturing adapts the sampling system to your needs and to your tank’s connection. A representative sample of the transported fluid will be taken while minimizing the retention areas.
Our system connects to tank bottom areas in order  to sample safely  for your operators, to prevent your operators from falling from the top of the tank and from inhaling unwanted vapors.
Our sampling valves dead man safety design prevents fluid leakage while handling. With this complete sealing, the fluid is never in contact with the external environment, guaranteeing your collaborators safety.
Our products can be manufactured in various materials (special stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium, monel, etc.) for all type of fluids.