BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES acquisition of the French industry Truchot Laurens


BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES is an industrial valves designer and specialist (check valveball valveglobe valve, etc…) and aims at developing its customized manufacturing activity. BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES management had the opportunity of integrating Truchot Laurens brand to its activity.


The acquisition of the French industry Truchot Laurens is official as of 13, December, 2005.


In order to preserve the Truchot Laurens High Performance Welded-Assembled Valves expertise, the management retained the majority of the staff in every department (manufacture, design, commercial).


Through the Truchot Laurens expertise conveyed by the former employees, their many achievements and references, BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES has then naturally enriched its activity of specialist and designer of Industrial Valves.


History of Truchot Laurens:


Founded on the 1st of November 1955 by Ms. Laurens and Mr. Truchot under the name Truchot & Co., the company settled in the fifth district of Lyon.


RhodiaCeta (polymer valves) and Air Liquide (cryogenic valves) were among its first customers. Together, they developed partnerships and elaborated new products. The company moved then on the ninth district.


In 1966, the company turned its name into Truchot Laurens and developed its activities in leading-edge fields such as chemical, petrochemical, cryogenic, pharmaceutical and polymer industry.


Truchot Laurens kept on innovating to better meet its clients specifications.


Its specialty is the welded-assembly of any type of valves (balltank bottom crust breaking typeglobepiston, etc.). Truchot Laurens is the inventor of the capacitive ball sampling valve in the 80’s.


In 1997, the company moved to Brignais, in the suburb of Lyon.


In 2005, BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES acquired Truchot Laurens.