Manufacturing programme

BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES designs and manufactures stainless steel and special metals machined or welded-assembled valves.
Based on its technological know-how and its high quality level achievements, BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES develops innovative solutions adapted to each customer needs.

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Customized valves

BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES specializes in designing and manufacturing all types of valves to best meet its customer specifications.
BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES is the specialist of custom welded-assembled valves to best meet your profession, use and specifications’ needs.

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Design departement

From basic adaptation to the design of elaborate equipment, our design department has built its expertise on BOM INDUSTRIAL VALVES's know-how since 1986 enhanced by Truchot Laurens's acquisition in 2005.

Our engineers and technicians are receptive to your needs and will help you in formulating your specifications, elaborating a technological solution and offering a solution adjusted to your process conditions.

Design of all kinds of valves and accessories in accordance with DESP 97/23/CE and ATEX 94/09/CE guidelines if necessary, following the building codes of AFNOR, CODAP, ISO, ASME, DIN, BS…

- Ball valves, needle valves, piston valves, gate valvestank bottom valves, float valves

- Sampling valves, with safety capacitive ball or with piston for liquids, powders, granules, polymers and gas

- Polymer valves : double jacketed valves for operation under high temperature and pressure

- Accessories : check-valves, sight glasses, strainers

- Cryogenic valves : on/off valves, or regulating valves for low temperatures for gas and liquefied gas.

Control and quality

A systematic and rigorous monitoring of all our achievements.

The requirements of our Quality process, ISO 9001 version 2015 certification, are applied daily and insure that 100% of our manufactured products are checked and tested.

Our dedicated industrial equipment allow us to conduct all types of tests : comprehensive and standardized (water, air, nitrogen, helium…)