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Válvula de regulación de micro caudal y control
Type 5000

Until ISO PN250, 1500Lbs max

DN10 to DN25 (Do Ø2 to 9.5)

  • Connection :
  • Any type of connection (screwed-on, welded or floating flange, threaded, SW, BW, double male or female connection, single male or female connection or other)
  • Operation :
  • Pneumatic actuator
  • Manual override
  • Position indicator
  • Mechanical limit switch
  • Pneumatic or electro-pneumatic positioner
  • Electro-distributor
  • Specific configuration :
  • Cryogenic extension


Notes :

Some options are not compatible

Special valve can be designed upon request



DN10 to DN25 (Do Ø2 to 9.5)

Pressure class

Until ISO PN250 - 1500Lbs max


Welded flange, SW, BW, threaded 1/2″ or 1/4″ NPT or gas

Stem sealing system

PTFE rafters, graphite, sealed O’rings, double stuffing box with leakage port, bellow sealed

Disc seating surface

Metal / Kel-F, metal / PTFE, metal / Vespel, metal / metal, Stellite

Flow features

TOR (Kv from 0,1 to 2,56), equal pourcentage (Kv from 0,04 to 2,13), 3-way linear (Kv from 0,25 to 1,7), other bodies linear (Kv from 0,00008 to 2,13)

Micro flow valve DN15 welded SW, in B6 Uranus with spring return single effect system pneumatic actuator
Micro flow valve DN20 welded BW, in 316L stainless steel with cryogenic extension, pneumatic actuator and ADF (explosion proof) intelligent positioner
Micro flow valve DN25 PN16, in 316L stainless steel with bellows seal stem, pneumatic leak detector and intelligent positioner
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Operating principle:

Regulating low flow values



- Stainless steel valve and actuator able to cope with environmental chemical constraints

- Intelligent numerical positioner allows easy fine-tunning

- Low clogging